Finally the interior tour!


Here you can see the two 40 pound propane bottles I have to heat my place with. Also the bottom part is skirted in so the pipes and water tanks won’t freeze. (more on that next time).

Here is a photo tour of the interior of my new tiny house!  Or you can see a video tour at the bottom.


This is the art wall that I made out of all the ends of the 2×4’s that we used during the building process.


This is the view from the loft.


There is an on demand hot water heater behind this shelf that runs off of propane.



This is the view from the bathroom.


This is the giant composting toilet from Sun-Mar. In the little bin next to the toilet there is some peat moss and wood shavings. 1 scoop of that goes in the toilet after #2. Then once a day I give the whole drum a spin with the crank on the front. Within a month or two I have compost ready to go out to the flower bed.


The bathroom has a barn-wood sliding door.


The beautiful walnut staircase to the loft that my uncle built for me.


So much sun-light comes in… I love it!


My loft bedroom. The quilt is hand-made by my Grandma Margaret (Margo’s namesake). The carpet on the floor is from the Bedouin tribe. I got it when I went to Jordan last year.


I know, I know… you’re worried about the proximity of the fireplace to all the combustibles. The stove only called for a 2 inch clearance and the heat only comes out that slit at the very top of the stove. The spring on top of it is to be used as a railing for people to hold onto going up and down the stairs… or you can use it for a drying rack in winter.

DSC_0082   DSC_0093 DSC_0092 DSC_0091 DSC_0089 DSC_0083


Now you’re cooking with gas!

After a lovely 2 weeks in Vancouver seeing many of my lovelies and collecting my things I returned back to Alberta and found that my uncle had installed the beautiful staircase/closet he had made as well as the cupboards.  I was so excited to see them with my own two eyes!  It’s starting to look soooo homey!

photo 5

The stairs up to the loft are made out of Walnut and the stoves run off of propane.

photo 3

They say necessity breeds invention… and in the case of the fridge this is definitely true.  Since we were building on a flatbed trailer we had these frustrating fenders to deal with all the time.  We decided to put the fridge on a platform above the fenders and then put a drawer underneath it.  That way we could put the fridge right next to the wall.  I’m really happy with how this turned out because it’s a small apartment sized fridge and normally you have to bend over to get stuff out of it.  This way it’s right at eye level! Awesome!

photo 4

  Note the placement of the 24″ fridge.

This week we also had the plumber come and put in all the gas lines under the trailer so now I can hook up my propane tank.  I will have my cooking stove, my heating stove and my on demand hot water heater all running off of it.

photo 1photo 2So now I’m cooking with Gas!

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