Open House

Margo's rolling

Home Hardware in Three Hills will be hosting an open house for Margo from 9am-6pm on Tuesday October 21st.  Come on out for a chance to see the final product of our labour this summer.

There will also be an opportunity to win an all inclusive night’s stay in the Tiny House once it’s set up in Calgary so long as you can answer the skill testing question. 😉

Click here to RSVP on the Facebook event page.

Now you’re cooking with gas!

After a lovely 2 weeks in Vancouver seeing many of my lovelies and collecting my things I returned back to Alberta and found that my uncle had installed the beautiful staircase/closet he had made as well as the cupboards.  I was so excited to see them with my own two eyes!  It’s starting to look soooo homey!

photo 5

The stairs up to the loft are made out of Walnut and the stoves run off of propane.

photo 3

They say necessity breeds invention… and in the case of the fridge this is definitely true.  Since we were building on a flatbed trailer we had these frustrating fenders to deal with all the time.  We decided to put the fridge on a platform above the fenders and then put a drawer underneath it.  That way we could put the fridge right next to the wall.  I’m really happy with how this turned out because it’s a small apartment sized fridge and normally you have to bend over to get stuff out of it.  This way it’s right at eye level! Awesome!

photo 4

  Note the placement of the 24″ fridge.

This week we also had the plumber come and put in all the gas lines under the trailer so now I can hook up my propane tank.  I will have my cooking stove, my heating stove and my on demand hot water heater all running off of it.

photo 1photo 2So now I’m cooking with Gas!

Margo’s on the move!

Well Margo set out on her maiden voyage this week!  My friend Sean pulled her across town to his heated shop so we could install the cork flooring at a steady temperature as the nights are getting pretty cool in Alberta these days.IMG_2198

We got the cork flooring from a company called CanCork.  They are located in Richmond and the woman who works there shared a wealth of knowledge on the subject of Cork.  I learned from her that most cork is harvested in Europe and Asia and is the bark from cork oak trees.  It doesn’t hurt the tree to harvest it and is regenerated again every 7-12 years!

Before I knew all that I had decided I wanted cork floor in my house because it is soft on the feet and also warmer than most other flooring.  Plus I am also fairly partial to cork since I’ve started making my travel mugs!


We chose this particular product because it is a solid 8mm of cork rather than a lot of the tongue and groove products that are only a veneer of cork on top and bottom with wood in between.  This cork came in 1×2 foot tiles and we glued it down with a special contact cement and then varnished the top afterwards to give it some shine and seal the cracks.


It was fairly easy to install and we were very happy with the finished product!


The base of the kitchen cupboards are in and my uncle should be bringing the rest of them out this week! 🙂


Here is the view from the bathroom.


I’m very happy with how the window seat turned out using all kinds of salvaged wood. It felt like a fun work of art for me!

The plants are going to love the warmth and light they’ll receive there and I’m sure I’ll cozy up in there to watch life go by.

That brings me to my next point.  I have figured out a resting place for Margo… and it’s not where I first expected!

Finding a parking spot in Vancouver did not work out, but amazingly the door opened in Calgary very easily!  I have been wondering about making a move back to Alberta for a while now and it seems to be lining up quite nicely to make that happen.

I am in Vancouver now for another week, collecting my things and saying farewells.  I plan to move into the Bowness area of Calgary by mid October and start getting back into my pottery and offering spiritual direction!

Thanks for all your encouragement along the journey!

Overwhelming Generosity!

It has been amazing to work in this small town of Three Hills.  People have been so kind and inquisitive.  We often get a couple people popping by for a tour each day which is quite encouraging… except for the days we’re trying to get lots done! 😉

One day one of my dad’s friends popped by and said, “Come on over to my garage and go shopping in my paint supplies.  I’m a painter and often have a few cans of good colours left over”.  So I went on over to Ken Braun’s place and had a look.

photo 3

Sure enough he had three cans full of Barrister white.  It is awarm white with a touch of Tan in it.  It has turned out gorgeous.  Very warm and bright and spacious looking!

photo 3

Thank you so much Ken and Dodi.  I wish you so much fun and success as you paint together at Patch ‘n Paint!

The electrician came by and got the power all hooked up so now my fan and lights work!  It’s such a novel idea to now be able to simply plug the vacuum into the wall when I need it rather than string it through the window or crack the door open to do it!

photo 4

That especially came in handy the days that it started snowing in September!  Alberta weather is so crazy!  But luckily I had power inside so I could use my little space heater.  I even have the thermostat working so I could see that it was only 4 degrees some mornings when we got there!

photo 1

Now we’re onto the homestretch.  It’s just the finishing work these days.  Which amazingly takes way more time that the large dramatic things like building walls.  It has been slow going but I’ve been happy with the progress.  I’m using a lot of recycled wood for my wood trims.

photo 5 photo 2

IMG_0509.JPGMy uncle has even brought out the cabinet bases so the kitchen is starting to look more kitchen like! 🙂

Stay tuned for more pics.  We’re laying the cork flooring today! I’m very excited to see how that turns out!

Margo’s got some new clothes!

photo 4

Thank you so much for all the kind words that you all sent. The blessings are now in the wishing well with the insulation and will be sealed in for many years of blessing others in the future! I feel very loved and supported.

photo 2

We’ve had a lot of fun this week! Here’s Bwana getting ready to cut the metal.

photo 1

photo 1

At last we have finished the exterior! It took way longer than we expected but I think it looks really good! 🙂

photo 2

Here’s what the other side looks like… and no the basketball net is not attached!

photo 5

My dear friend Nicholl came out to help on the house this week and it was just in time to help install the “hot” sign for the fireplace exhaust! 🙂

photo 3 photo 4  

Now we’ve started working on the interior.  We’ve got the walls all sheeted with plywood and we’ll start painting this week! 🙂

Things have been progressing well, although I do feel a bit worried that we’re not going to be able to make the deadline we’d set of being done by the middle of Sept.  I’m working on holding things loosely and being open to whatever happens.

Thanks for all the love and support!


Now it’s YOUR turn!

Hi friends!  

I just spent the last few days insulating the walls of my house.  Man is that itchy stuff.  Not so fun… but after a day I got all the get up on and looked as amazing as this! 🙂



Tomorrow my mom and I are going to install the vapour barrier so all the walls will be all sealed up.

I would love it if you would each send me a blessing or wish for my house that I will print off and seal in the walls so I will be surrounded by that love and hope.  You can leave it as a comment on here or send me an email or facebook message.

Thanks so much in advance for your love and support in this way!

Inside and outside progress

It’s been a big week of designing things!  Like my Kitchen which I had a lot of fun doing.  Maybe I’ve found a new calling! 😉IMG_2026
And I spent a lot of time choosing colours and textures for the exterior.  IMG_2014I’ve decided to go with a Red smart board panel.  It’s like a 4×8 sheet of plywood that has woodgrain added with fibre and has panels cut into it so it looks like siding, but has way less leakage and disintegration potential than the cedar siding I originally wanted.IMG_2027And the grey part on this picture will be an inset of corrugated metal which will help the break up the length and hight of the trailer and add interest I hope.IMG_2013I had some fun visitors this week.  My sister, nephew and Mom helped me paint the smart board panels.IMG_2041 IMG_2036The colour I chose was Prairie Red.  This picture is showing it a bit more orangy than it is but it shows you the nice woodgrain.IMG_2038 My nephew Cody built me a tiny house in just an afternoon.  Perhaps he’s found a new calling!IMG_2031 Last week we also got the electrical done.  I wanted to do it myself to learn how it works and all that, but my dad insisted that we hire it out and sure enough his regular electrician Speedy Sparky was true to his name and got it done way faster and effectively than it ever would have taken us!IMG_2025
I don’t think I’ve shown you this perspective of the house yet… so this has the livingroom to the right of the front door and the kitchen window is showing where I will wash dishes and watch the goings on in the yard! 🙂
IMG_2021 We searched high and low for a stove to heat my house with and kept coming up short.  The little one I really wanted called Mini Franklin has been discontinued sadly and other ones at fireplace stores were going to come to around $3000!
I was so excited when I found this on on Kijiji for $700 and they were willing to give it to me for $500!  IMG_2017It might be a little large for my place, but will give off amazing ambiance and that is something I am really prioritizing.  I’m excited about having a cozy and inviting sitting room!  I can’t wait to have you each over for tea!

Things are coming together and it’s getting really exciting to see the progress!  Thanks for all your love and support along the way!


Olive is stepping aside so Margo can grow up without her shadow

Another week has come and gone and Margo has seen some significant growth in her life!  That’s something I value a lot so I’m beginning to like this Margo gal more and more!

First off I wanted to share about my courageous camper van Olive!  She selflessly has stepped aside to give Margo her time to shine!  She has chosen to go celebrate her 40th birthday with an Aussie Hippie lady named Jess who is going to take her to all kinds of music festivals this summer. I think she’ll have a lot more fun than just sitting around watching her replacement be built!

photo 3

The same week that I gave my Van keys to the new owner I received the front door key for my new place!  What a beautiful balance of life!

Margo got all wrapped up in her house wrap this week that will provide a good vapour barrier from the west coast rainy 1 photo 2 Then we were able to install the windows and that really started to make it look like a real home!photo 3

My dad worked long and hard to figure out how to make this beautiful bay window protrude out the front of the house.  I keep telling him this project is his final exam from a career of building because nothing is straight forward or normal to build!photo 4 I don’t believe I’ve shown you any pictures of the inside yet!  Here’s the beautiful front door that will let light in and yet also provide some privacy as the windows are frosted.  This is the view of the living 1 Here’s my dad modelling how nice it will be to hang out in the loft!  The kitchen and bathroom are right below 2


And now for your viewing pleasure I have made a little video tour so you can really walk around in Margo and get a feel for the space.



As you can see in the video we have gotten a lot of our supplies from Three Hills Home Hardware. It has been so great to have a really well stocked lumber yard right here in this small town and I love the home town service we get from all the knowledgable staff willing to help!  

Margos got a roof!

It’s been a big week in the life of Margo!  She’s had a lot of dramatic development.  I figured I better put up some more pictures because from here on in it probably won’t look as dramatic in pictures.  It’s now more of the stuff that takes more fiddly time and doesn’t show as much results.  But important none the less!

photo 2

Here we are putting on the rafters

photo 3

My dad is such a dare-devil! He is still so agile and spry for an old guy! 😉

Insect Inspection!

A beautiful dragon fly popped by to inspect the site!

photo 1

Sheeting the roof.

photo 2

My dear friend Lora came down from Edmonton and helped us out for a few days! She also brought the much needed rolled roofing material.

photo 4

I really wanted to go with metal roofing, but my dad in his infinite wisdom knew that the slope was not great enough to use that. He found this rolled roofing shingle product that works well on a roof that barely has any slope.

photo 3

It went on pretty easy too!

photo 5

Here I am celebrating the roof being done just before a terrible rain storm hit! I was also celebrating the end of a 10 hour day where I had singlehandedly brought 400 pounds of shingles up this ladder!

The plans!

I took a few days off last week to assist at a seminar called Choices that has been doing amazing things in my family by helping us communicate with each other better and learn how to have fun together!

It was such an honor to be part of creating a safe space for people to feel incredibly accepted so they can process what’s been holding them back from truly getting all they want out of life!  I love being able to see the freedom come across people as the week goes on.  I love helping others realize their potential! 🙂

As promised I will now share my house plans with you.  A few months ago after much research my dad came up with this design.


Then we did a bit more fiddling with it and I got to try my own attempt at drafting it up.  As you can tell I wasn’t quite a sure of my lines so it’s a bit harder to read but you should be able to get a good idea.  It wasn’t changed drastically.  Just longer and we switched which end we orientated things at.


The loft will be over the whole kitchen and bathroom.  The fridge and stove will be right behind the staircase.

Let me know if you have questions or suggestions for us!


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