Tiny house for sale

Well that was a little scary!

My ad on Kijiji got hacked by someone and defiled so I had to take it down.

I have now updated it and this one should be good to go.

Please share my ad with all those who would like a tiny house of their own!

I’m happy to share this beautiful gem!

Margo is for Sale!

Well it’s been 2 years of living in Margo and I’ve loved every minute of it!! 🙂

(Except for the 2 times I had to mop toilet slurry out of my bathroom… and the year and a half I went without hot water!)  But other than that it’s been amazing!  Plus both of those issues were corrected when I started following the manufacturers instructions!

Yes I have truly found Margo to be very livable.  I have been so comfortable in her and feel like I have everything I need.  I’m so glad that I bought the full size appliances.  Yes I don’t use the full oven that often… but when I do make home-made pizza for friends it sure does come in handy… and plus when I’m not using it I can store things in it like an extra cupboard.

I’ll tell ya, having to haul my own propane and water sure does make me more efficient with my usage.  If I do turn the oven on I make sure that I bake cookies along with my squash and so on.  That way the energy is used well.

Having the 40 gallon tank for fresh water in a heated and insulated room under the trailer has worked out really well even in -40 Calgary winter.  About once a month I would open the hatch and empty the grey water and fill up the fresh with the garden hose.

People often ask me if I would change anything about how I built my tiny house… really the only thing I would say is the hot water heater.  The propane on demand hot water heater is a rare animal… Although they are 7 times the price in north america I would recommend getting a domestic one rather than paying $100 for the Chinese one that I can’t read the manual for or get any help with.  I finally did get it working… but it was a bit of a pain.

Even with a few quirks over the years, I have thoroughly enjoyed tiny house living and highly recommend it to you if you’re thinking of doing it.  And I also wanted to let you know that if you really want to you can live in my tiny house… you can make it your own!

I am selling my tiny to make way for my next stage of life!  I’m getting married and we are going to start out somewhere fresh together.

Take a look at my kijiji ad and share it with anyone who may be interested in getting a tiny for themselves.

I will be sad to see her go, but I’m grateful for the experience, all it taught me, and for what it now opens up for me in my next adventure!  Life is amazing!


Margo's rolling


Yay! A new chapter has begun! I have officially paired my life coaching, spiritual direction and pottery into one beautiful organism and called it Centered. I think that really captures the heart of all these things I love and feel called to do.

I also worked with an amazing designer (Celine Chuang) and we created a stunning logo that captures the centering that happens as well as the growth and movement and life. I love how it looks like clay being centered as well as rings on a tree marking it’s growth.

centered pottery and life coaching and spiritual direction

Check out the new website that goes with it too!


Calgary needs more Tiny houses like Margo… not fewer!

Here’s a great article that was written about my tiny house Saga.


Where Margo landed

Here is the resolution of the tiny house Saga.

The city basically said, if it is parked on an R2 zoned property and we apply for a development permit and then tie in the sewer and water it will be ok to live there.


CBC Radio Interview

Here is the interview that was on CBC Radio on April 14th.

Take a listen. http://www.cbc.ca/player/Shows/ID/2664080253/

Evictions make space for new things.

Here are some of my reflections on my recent trip across Canada on the train and coming home to an eviction notice on my Tiny House.

11084120_10153277216857948_5886430326312798547_oThank you Benoît Bouscarel for this beautiful photo from our adventure!


Margo’s takin some heat!

Metro News did an article on my tiny house eviction notice.

Also… I’ll be on CBC radio’s the Homestretch tonight at 4:30.


Finally the interior tour!


Here you can see the two 40 pound propane bottles I have to heat my place with. Also the bottom part is skirted in so the pipes and water tanks won’t freeze. (more on that next time).

Here is a photo tour of the interior of my new tiny house!  Or you can see a video tour at the bottom.


This is the art wall that I made out of all the ends of the 2×4’s that we used during the building process.


This is the view from the loft.


There is an on demand hot water heater behind this shelf that runs off of propane.



This is the view from the bathroom.


This is the giant composting toilet from Sun-Mar. In the little bin next to the toilet there is some peat moss and wood shavings. 1 scoop of that goes in the toilet after #2. Then once a day I give the whole drum a spin with the crank on the front. Within a month or two I have compost ready to go out to the flower bed.


The bathroom has a barn-wood sliding door.


The beautiful walnut staircase to the loft that my uncle built for me.


So much sun-light comes in… I love it!


My loft bedroom. The quilt is hand-made by my Grandma Margaret (Margo’s namesake). The carpet on the floor is from the Bedouin tribe. I got it when I went to Jordan last year.


I know, I know… you’re worried about the proximity of the fireplace to all the combustibles. The stove only called for a 2 inch clearance and the heat only comes out that slit at the very top of the stove. The spring on top of it is to be used as a railing for people to hold onto going up and down the stairs… or you can use it for a drying rack in winter.

DSC_0082   DSC_0093 DSC_0092 DSC_0091 DSC_0089 DSC_0083

Moving Day!

You may have notice my lack of updates lately.  Partly that is due to the fact that I have now moved into my place so it feels like the journey is done somehow… but I know I still need to catch you all up to speed so here I am posting again.  The other fact is that I haven’t had consistent internet access since I moved so it has been hard to make it happen.

Since I last wrote we ended up having over 250 people come and tour Margo at Home Hardware in Three hills.  It was very fun to show her off and to feel all the community support!


The next day my friend Curtis came and hitched up to Margo with his beefy Ram and we set off for Calgary.   We wanted to make sure no rocks went through the front window so we put some plywood on it.  I decided to use up some old spray paint I had kicking around and wanted to write Margo on the front.  Just as I finished writing the G and started to write the O the can ran out of paint… maybe Margo really just wants to be called Marg?


The drive from Three Hills to Calgary usually takes about 1.5 hours… it ended up taking us about 2.5 as we were going about 90Km/hr.  I’m quite glad we didn’t have to pull her all the way to Vancouver!  Although she did do quite well on the trip.  We had a few funny looks along the way.



                                       Yep… I’m the same size as a semi!

IMG_2452  Curtis is a professional truck driver so it was very comforting to know we had someone who knew what he was doing pulling her into town.  He knew just how to back her up to get her tucked into the space in my friend’s back yard.

Stay tuned for more interior pictures soon!

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